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the vanity, chasing the dream that is often just a mirage, tired with stress and permanent search, at the stream of rushing days and years we sometimes stand motionless for a while seeing something beautiful: open flower, spring dusk, the picture that suddenly attracted our attention. And at that moment something changes within us, the understanding arrives that many of our problems are not important enough, but really important and immortal things are always nearby, around us and inside us.

It is possible that such abstractions and revelations are the main meaning of art. After all, the artist's brush can really fix the time, place, and mood, and capture for a moment our mind, tossing between past and future, and thus awake our feelings and thoughts that became dull because of commonness and ordinariness of our life.

If you are familiar with these feelings and thoughts, the works of Kiev artist Alexander Lirner presented at this virtual gallery would not leave you indifferent.

Alexander Lirner - one of the few artists that proceed with traditions of classic avantguard. Lirner's works, painted by pastel and oil are original and distinctive, they can be recognized easily by the style and color; besides, the unique author's technique is applied in the pastels.

Alexander Lirner paints those things that he knows, understands and likes a lot. Amazingly warm, sincere, sometimes slightly melancholy feeling resides in all his works, still lives, landscapes, subject compositions. Every petite detail, every stroke and shade serves to general expressiveness of the image. You will certainly feel positive energy of the works, created by the artist on issues that are close to all of us.


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